Colonial Colombia and the Caribbean Coast

Day 1 / Bogota – Villa de Leyva

After a short talk and basic instructions, we ride through little towns, mountains and off road paths, till we reach Villa de Leyva. A Colonial town known for its rock build Central Square, biggest in all Latin America and Colombia.

Day 2 / Villa de Leyva – Barichara

A Picturesque ride crossing through different types of vegetation and lands that leads us to the beautiful town of Barichara declared a national monument in 1978.

Day 3 / Barichara – Sabana de Torres

Leaving early in the morning, we will prepare to go through roads that remind us of our past, crossing through ancient bridges and knowing its culture, we let the wonderful scenery charm us and delight us with its beautiful view.

Day 4 / Sabana de Torres – Estoraques

We leave Sabana de Torres to the Estoraques, it’s a one of the smallest protected areas in Colombia, only 6 km² of surface. Considered unique because it’s beautiful brittle and erode scenery, located at 1450 and 2100 meters above sea level, in the east Andes mountain range.

Day 5 / Estoraques – Mompox

From the Estoraques we will go to a height of 50 meters above sea level that leads us to Mompox, a little town whose historic center was declared a national monument and historic patrimony by the UNESCO, this town is located in an island in the longest Colombian river (The Magdalena).

Day 6 / Mompox – Resting Day

Being in the half of our ride, we will have a resting day in a beautiful place, where we can visit the Pijiño lagoon, a place with abundant water and lots of wild life. Or we could have a nice horseback ride in one of the best cattle herds of the town.

Day 7 / Mompox – Valledupar

A ride through a flat and straight paved road, crossing beautiful savannas reaching Valledupar, City of Colombian Vallenato, musical genre part of the folklore of the Caribbean coasts of Colombia.

Day 8 / Valledupar – Cabo de la Vela

We will start riding through a paved road, and finish riding through a road surrounded by a deserted scenery that leads us to one of the most remote and unexplored places in the north of Colombia, a place called Cabo de la Vela located at the coast where we will spend the night in hammocks and get to known the Indian culture of the Wayúú.

Day 9 / Cabo de la Vela – Riohacha

On this road surrounded by deserts and the ocean, we will find fantastic places like the salt mines of Manaure and the Flamingo Park. We will spend the night in Riohacha, the capital city of La Guajira State.

Day 10 / Riohacha – Palomino

This beautiful road in some places passes through the ocean, it takes us from the desert part of La Guajira to Palomino, through foothills part of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta (Worlds highest mountain near the ocean).

Day 11 Resting Day in Palomino

We will have different alternatives for this day, relaxing on the beach in a paradise place, going tubing through the Palomino River, trekking to an Indian community or riding to the Tayrona Park.

Day 12 – Palomino – Cartagena

On our last day we will head to the walled city of Cartagena, we will pass through Santa Marta and the world’s smallest volcano the Totumo, after arriving and accommodation in the hotel, we will have our party and goodbye dinner in the romantic city of Cartagena.


80% paved roads 20% off road paths, for medium experienced riders, from short sections of heavy traffic to the loneliness of distant moorlands, were the unexpected can happen. Resting in the best hotels. The opportunity to contact the diverse multicultural Colombia and recreate with all climates of the tropic.


• Rider: USD $ 4.380

• Passenger: USD $ 2.196

• Rider + Passenger: USD $ 6.576


• March 17 - March 28 / 2018

• May 20 – May 31 / 2018

• August 01 - August 12 / 2018

• December 01 - December 12 / 2018


During the whole year January – December, thanks to climate and weather conditions in Colombia.


• Begging of Ride: Bogotá

• End of Ride:  Cartagena

Daily ride

• Between 5 and 8 hours


• 2.100 kms


• English speaking guide

• Mechanic

• Support vehicle


• Double or triple

• Single has extra charge of $ 40 USD per night

• Night in Hammocks (In the Cabo de la Vela)

Intermediate Riding Level


• Royal Enfiel classic 500 Motorcycle

• Gas and tolls

• Comfortable hotels, accommodation by 2 or 3 people

• Single rooms will have a daily extra charge of $ 40 USD 

• Breakfast and lunch

• Support Vehicle during the whole trip (for groups of 4 or more passengers)

• Mechanic (for groups over 4 passengers)

• Guides

Not Included

• Airplane tickets

• Activities not specified on the program

• Snacks and beverages

• Alcoholic Beverages

• Dinners

• Personal Spences

• Park entree or other interest site entrees

• Day of or day resting transportation

• Riders Medical Insurance (or Passengers)

• Insurance or evacuation costs in case of accident (global rescue)

• Motorcycle damages in case of accident

• First and last Night in hotel


• Motorcycle driving license

• Current medical insurance

12 days, 12 nights, 2 days resting


This route of 2.100 Kms, takes us from the central city of Bogota in the east mountain range of the Andes to the emblematic city of Cartagena in the Caribbean coast of Colombia, through our ride we will pass through some colonial and most representative Little towns of Colombia, we will go inside different Indian or regional cultures and ride through wonderful sceneries.


• Villa de Leyva

• Wayuu Indians

• “La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta” Indians

• Mompox

• Cartagena

• “Cabo de la Vela” Desert

• Cultural Experience

• Tayrona Park

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