Colombian Spell

Day 1 / Bogota – Ubate

After staff and crew presentation, documentation inspection and route talk. We will go through the Bogota Savannah at 2.640 meters above sea level. We will visit the majestic salt cathedral in Zipaquira, we will ride some mountain and off road paths till we reach the valley of Ubate, known milk region of Colombia, finishing our ride at a Spanish Colonial hacienda.

Day 2 / Ubate – Paipa

Green fields spotted with white, black and red colors of the milking cattle of the region leads us to the Chiquinquira Cathedral, cultural and religious landmark of the region. Olive trees indicate our arrival to the Colonial Villa de Leyva. In Paipa we can enjoy a healing swim in the hot springs.

Day 3 / Paipa – Yopal

From the central plains of the country we head east, facing the east mountain range. We will leave the warm temperature to face cold of the moorland and its high mountain vegetation, route will require concentration from each rider, after reaching the top we will descend to the warm city of Yopal, capital of the Casanare department.

Day 4 / Yopal – Aurora Herd

From Yopal we will enter the east Colombian plains, land of huge extensions, grass and extensive cattle, red land and a hot and soft wind on our faces. A time to take of our jackets and feel the wind in our chest riding our motorcycle. We will finish our ride at a private natural reserve called the Aurora Herd.

Day 5 / Day of at Aurora Herd

The red sky at dawn through the infinite plains. Riding on the back of a pickup truck through an off road path. “Chiguiros and Babillas” reserve and bird Paradise.

Day 6 / Aurora Herd – Yopal

A few kilometers over red dirt and dust. Grasslands with Colombian cowboys on horses (Generally barefoot) will be our companions. A short stop in “Pore” (were our liberty military troops were born).

In Yopal we can eat the famous “Mamona” also called roasted meat Colombian cowboy style with some “joropos” (Colombian cowboy music).

Day 7 / Yopal – Monterrey

We will go around the foothills of the east mountain range in a straight route of a cattle plain. We will stop in a regional natural reserve of” San Miguel de los Farrallones” and in Tauramena.

Day 8 / Monterrey – Tenza Valley

We will go uphill to the mountain range through secondary roads filled with surprises do to the constant change in scenery, temperature, people and customs. We will finish in a region of small farmers in fertile valleys.

About 5 hours through Tropical Mountain.

Day 9 / Tenza Valley – Bogota

We will enter the Cundiboyacense highlands, with drastic changes in sensations and scenery, a off road path that will lead us to old towns, a short stop in a Colonial house before we continue our ride to the city of Bogota.


80% paved roads 20% off road paths, for medium experienced riders, from short sections of heavy traffic to the loneliness of distant moorlands, were the unexpected can happen. Resting in the best hotels. The opportunity to contact the diverse multicultural Colombia and recreate with all climates of the tropic.


• Rider: USD $ 3.285

• Passenger: USD $ 1.647

• Rider + Passenger: USD $ 4.932


• April 18 - April 25 / 2018

• September 23 – October 01 / 2018

• November 17 - November 25 / 2018


During the whole year January – December, thanks to climate and weather conditions in Colombia.


• Begging of Ride: Bogotá

• End of Ride:  Bogotá

Daily ride

• Between 5 and 8 hours


• 1.200 kms


• English speaking guide

• Mechanic

• Support vehicle


• Double or triple

• Single has extra charge of $ 40 USD per night

Intermediate Riding Level


• Royal Enfiel classic 500 Motorcycle

• Gas and tolls

• Comfortable hotels, accommodation by 2 or 3 people

• Single rooms will have a daily extra charge of $ 40 USD 

• Breakfast and lunch

• Support Vehicle during the whole trip (for groups of 4 or more passengers)

• Mechanic (for groups over 4 passengers)

• English speaking guides

Not Included

• Airplane tickets

• Activities not specified on the program

• Snacks and beverages

• Alcoholic Beverages

• Dinners

• Personal Spences

• Park entree or other interest site entrees

• Day of or day resting transportation

• Riders Medical Insurance (or Passengers)

• Insurance or evacuation costs in case of accident (global rescue)

• Motorcycle damages in case of accident


• Motorcycle driving license

• Current medical insurance

9 days, 9 nights, 2 days resting


East Colombian plains, are a region that are characterized by its huge plains that followed by rivers, “Morichales” and wild vegetation charm us at every moment. To reach the plains we must travel through mountains of the Andes with its plains and pronounced hilltops, with its exuberant green scenery.

It’s the Colombian cowboy region, cattle and nature are some of their attractions. Colombian cowboys are real hard farm working men and around them a whole subculture of music, gastronomy and way of dressing is build making a wonderful scenery. In this journey we will discover the true Colombian cowboy culture, ride through red sand roads, pass through rivers, mountains, and go on a real safari were deer, “chigüiros”, birds and reptiles of the region are a part of the adventure.

We will have the experiences of the people of the Andes, two cultures, two ways of life.


• Colonial Haciendas. Milking lands

• Colonial Villa de Leyva

• Vast Andes Mountain Range

• Hot Springs – The huge east Colombian plains

• Aurora herd, shelter of fauna and flora

• The joy of riding diverse routes

• Colombian cowboy culture

Day by day

Nueva Embrujo LLanero Morichal
Nueva Embrujo LLanero Morichal
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