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Practical Information

Route Description

Each rote is designed to ride between 4 and 8 hours each day depending the riding level the rider chooses.

The majority is ridden through paved roads, with a lot of curves and some holes.

During rides on off roads paths, dirt or Stone, we ride slowly and enjoying the scenery.

Medical and Travel Insurance

During the trip, La Sierra Moto Travel are not responsible for clients medical and travel insurance.

It’s mandatory for each client to buy a travel insurance that covers every accident type including high risk activities.

We will gladly assist each client with a travel insurance in Colombia.


Colombia does not have climate seasons.

Climate depends on the height over sea level where located.

Hot Climate: Between 25 and 35 degrees Celsius.

Cold and Warm Climate: Between 14 and 24 degrees Celsius.

Type of Motorcycle

We will ride on the legendary Royal Enfield Classic 500 cc. Motorcycles build for ower not for speed, you can feel the power going down and are ideal for long riding trips. Motorcycles with a worldwide history. Motorcycles that vibrate, with loud engines and have a unique driving style that leads us to a state of freedom. Basic technology motorcycles.

Driving License

International Motorcycle or Vehicle driving license.

A or A2 License.

If you have ridden one of this majestic Royal Enfiel Classic 500cc you already know the unique pleasure, its sound, position and power gives us a taste of freedom with no boundaries.

Royal Enfield it’s the world’s oldest motorcycle brand and keeps growing in the market today.

Basic Equipment

Travel Suitcase

Suitcase travel in the support vehicle.

Each motorcycle includes weatherproof saddlebags were each participant can carry their personal belongings like weatherproof jackets, gloves, water, snacks, etc.

Non Mandatory Equipment


Special riding pants.

Knee and heap protection.


Sun glasses are important on all rides.


Puff or Scarves

An important way to protect your face from dirt, sun and dust.

Mandatory Equipment


Helmets can be a classic helmet, but we recommend a full face or a NOLAN helmet. It must cover ears.


Protection Jacket

Jacket can be made from leather or canvas. We recommend with special protection for motorcycles in shoulders, elbows and back.

It’s very important that it has a good ventilated system, temperature may vary through routes.


Gloves can be made from leather or other materials. Riding gloves are Ideal.

We recommend 2 pair of gloves, a pair of weather proof gloves and a pair of very comfortable gloves.



Leather boots or other material boots made for riding. Ankle and point protection are ideal.



Each participant must bring a raincoat that covers arms, chest and legs. Raincoats can be a one piece or two piece suite.

Raincoat use as a windbreaker in cold weather is very important.


For more detailed riding information

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