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Colombia is a perfect motorcycle destination. Its geography, roads and people make a unique and unforgettable experience.


 La Sierra Moto Travel is part of WALÁ group that specializes in designing outdoor experience programs since 1999. All our trips involve cultural, gastronomical and nature experiences.


We invite you to travel with us driving a Royal Enfield Classic 500cc motorcycle, getting to know the real Colombia.


We design personalized plans for groups 4 and over from 1 to 30 days.

' The idea of traveling old style makes us vibrate, past adventures takes us to the real simple essence of things, while riding old style motorcycles we show our country and other worldwide destinations. '


Why Colombia ?

• Peace • 

Peace signing that took place at the beginning of 2017, has let us known and travel through places that were difficult to get to. Definitely kindness and warmness of people is what shocks and surprises riders the most; people that with a smile are always trying to show the best of Colombia.

• Geography • 

Colombia through its cultures, climates and sceneries is a country that enchants; this makes the experience of riding through this country really unique and wonderful. Topography and the Andes mountain range, makes motorcycle riding an unforgettable experience, not only because of the curves in the road but also because the variety of the sceneries and terrains that we travel.

• Coffee •

The heart of the well-known Colombian coffee is the Coffee Triangle, a region that includes three states “Quindío, Risaralda and Caldas.”

It offers tourist tradition and a well conserved coffee scenery. We could stay in old beautiful haciendas in the middle of huge coffee plantations, relive the coffee production process and enjoy coffee national theme parks.

• The Caribbean •

Colombian Caribbean coast is full of folklore, music, Indian and Afro-American native culture and beautiful sceneries like the Guajira desert, La Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta ridges (The tallest sea-level mountain in the world), Tayrona National Park, the blue open sea and the Rosario islands coral reefs and hour away from the beautiful city of Cartagena.


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