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We are a team of adventure enthusiasts, motorcycles and nature. We decided to dedicate our lives to dreaming and making other people feel and live by our side the love of riding on a motorcycle, our country and the world.

Alberto Barreto V

Founder – Partner

Medical Orthopedist and motorcycle enthusiast.

Raised in the country side, nature and farm life. Since his youth started with motorcycling, fulfilled his dream of riding through South America at the age of 65. His experience converts him in to one of our guides, always friendly and relentless.

A guy that loves to ride through all kinds of routes and enjoys sharing with other riders the wind in the face, motorcycles vibration and the pleasure of riding on them.

German Barreto

Founder – Partner

A smiling, happy and nice man.

German is a true adventurer, motor enthusiast and a less travelled route finder in Colombia and the World.

When he speaks he transmits his love for adventure and nature.

His motto “Responsible freedom” has lead him to work and live from his passions.

Ernesto Barreto

Founder – Partner

A true Adventurer and motorcycle rider!


Since he was little he discovered that one of his true passions was motorcycles, he has ridden different types of motorcycles and knows Colombia and its different routes and destinations like no other.

Everything he does he does with passion and the joy of doing things right, he is a true gentleman.

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La Sierra Moto Travel - All Rights Reserved - Checa Design 2017

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